Grünholz´s Secret Tips

Pssst... Here are a few secret tips from the Grünholz

Are you always looking for new excursion destinations, out-of-the-ordinary sightseeing attractions or tips to make your holidays unforgettable? If so, our secret tips will be perfect for you. We have put a few ideas together for you. Enjoy clicking through them!

Pssst… We actually know lots more great places, unforgettable experiences and culinary highlights. But we’ll tell you more about those in person once you get here. That way, the secrets will stay between the two of us. ? It will also give us a great opportunity to get to know you better.

Hotel Grünholz - Schnappsbrennerei

Grünegg Schnapps Distillery

Fine distilled spirits: every moment, every drop precious

Actually, the art of schnapps distilling is yet another element of our rich cultural heritage. Fine, exquisitely produced spirits that captivate the senses with wonderful flavor nuances and enticing aromas. One of the region’s best schnapps distillers is Heini Rainer from the beautiful Grünegg Alm in Dienten. Our good friend Heini is happy to allow our guests to peek over his shoulder as he distills his masterpieces.


His spirits have been awarded multiple prizes, with the absolute star being his Highking Gin. This extraordinary gin is distilled with spring water, 15 select spices, herbs, juniper and alpine flowers, in a copper pot-still. Countless medals and prizes adorn the walls of the Rainer distillery. Heini’s distilled products are highly regarded by experts. His son is also learning the craft. Even an exclusive chocolate edition at Confiserie Berger is filled with products from this Hochkönig distillery. Yet another reason to get to know Heini in person and learn more about the art of distilling. And be sure to sample a shot or two while you are there. His schnapps, liqueurs as well as the Highking Gin also make for very good gifts. Our tip: Before you pay a visit, enjoy a hearty meal at the hut, such as their tender spareribs, pork roast or cheesy noodles.

Mühlbach Copper Mine

Embark on a mining adventure at the Mühlbach Copper Mine

Hannes’s grandfather used to work there. Underground, deep inside the copper mine. A world filled with tales and mysteries. Discover the working world of miners in the Hochkönig Region at the mining museum, which also includes a mine tunnel. Inside the museum, a former hostel for the miners, you will gain fascinating insights into the incredible 4000-year-old history of mining in Mühlbach.

Hotel Grünholz - Kupferbergwerk

Info boards tell you all about ancient mining practices, along with processing and smelting techniques. A wide collection of miners’ tools, blasting equipment, lanterns, along with mine-rescue gear, surveying equipment etc. document the rich history of mining in the area. Out in front of the museum, fans of big equipment are able to marvel at mine locomotives and trolleys. Be sure to visit the Mining Museum, where you will also learn the story of farmer Johann Glatzhofer and his son-in-law Thomas Plänk, who once believed they had discovered gold.

Tip: The Hochkönig Card gives you free admission to the mining museum

Hotel Grünholz - Schafisteig

The Schafisteig

Hike for experienced hikers

If you have outdoors experience and you’re looking for challenging hiking tours, Hannes personally recommends his favorite tour: the Schafisteig. A wild, romantic and unmarked trail, the Schafsteig leads along the Hochkönig massif, requiring good navigation skills as well as surefootedness. On the sunny side of the valley with lots of natural beauty along the trail’s edge, the tour initially takes you from the Arthurhaus until just before the Mitterfeldalm. Then following a fence line, you will head steeply uphill.


At the same elevation as the top fence crossing, a small trail leads off to the left, taking you through wonderfully fragrant groves of pine. Crossing green meadows and fields of scree, we follow the path up- and downhill. In the area of the Heissriedl / Gamskar, the trail becomes harder to make out. Here, you will need to orient yourself by the cairns. Here, it’s not rare for hikers to use their hands for additional stability. After 3 to 4 hours, you will reach the four mountain huts, at which point it takes roughly one more hour to make your return to the Arthurhaus. If you are interested in hiking the Schafisteig, you can also book the services of a guide through the Hochkönig Mountain Guide Office.

Distance: ca. 13 km
Gain: ca. 890 vm
Time: ca. 4:30 hrs

Pausenberg Gallery

“Augenblick” – modern sculptures with a view of the Hochkönig

Art unites. Challenges. Brings new perspectives. Sepp Gamsjäger consciously combines his art with the breathtaking views of the Hochkönig. He gives free rein to his creative juices at Gasthof Pausbauer. He wants his guests to absorb and “sense” his art, the different materials as well as nature – in summer as well as winter. “Augenblick” is the name of one especially impressive sculpture that reveals truly intriguing perspectives. Sepp invites all his guests to consciously switch off the outside world and allow his eight sculptures, as well as their various artistic techniques, to affect them. After all, as Pablo Picasso once noted: “Art washes the dust of daily life off your soul”.

Hotel Grünholz - Augenblicke


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