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Hiking Happiness and Summit Conquests

Moments of happiness
”front row center”

Blue skies, radiant sunshine, fragrant hay and idyllic alpine pastures plucked from the pages of a picture book. Favorite places on the mountain are many and varied: on the bank of a crystal-clear mountain stream, on a sun-warmed bench in front of a rustic hut, or in the middle of an alpine meadow covered with flowers: Experience your own personal “front row center” moments of personal happiness. Here are a few hiking tours for you to consider.

Two great hiking tours begin right outside our Aparthotel. Meaning, you will be able to give your car a bit of a break as well.

From the Riedingalm to the Arthurhaus: Hochkönig: hiking tour

A wonderful hike at the foot of the Hochkönig. It begins in front of the house, taking you via the Grünholz bus stop and Mandlwandstraße. You will hike uphill as far as the turnoff for the Kopphütte, then follow path No. 86 to the Riedingalm. Continue on path No. 436 past the Windraucheggalm to the Arthurhaus. After enjoying a bite to eat, you will take the Erzweg (No. 85) back downhill. After Barbaraschlucht Canyon, you will hike uphill a little again, bringing you to the Mandlwandstraße and, before you know it, you will be back at your starting point.

Distance: ca. 9.4 km
Elevation gain: ca. 150 vm
Time: ca. 2:30 hrs

Grünholz – Sonnhof – Rapoldsberg: Hochkönig hike

A scenic, short hike from Aparthotel Grünholz to the Sonnhof, continuing to Gasthof Rapoldsberg. From Aparthotel Grünholz, walk for approximately 200 m down the road until you come to Gasthof Sonnhof. Cross the Mandlwandstraße and then, at the Sonnhof, make a left onto a supply lane. This leads you gradually uphill to Gasthof Rapoldsberg. There, you are treated to marvelous views of Mühlbach as well as the Mühlbachtal.

Distance: ca. 2.1 km
Elevation gain: ca. 100 vm
Time: ca. 1:00 hr

Hochkönig Summit Tour – Matrashaus: from the Arthurhaus

A scenic summit hike to one of the most imposing mountains in Salzburg province, the Hochkönig (2939), site of the Matrashaus. The 360° view from the summit is quite unique and will take your breath away. But let there be no mistake: This summit tour, rising 1700 vertical meters, is only recommended for experienced hikers and mountaineers who are in good physical condition. It begins at the Arthurhaus, just a few minutes’ drive from the Grünholz. The hike is not particularly demanding as far as the Mitterfeldalm, taking you along a forestry lane and passed alpine meadows.

Now the real climb begins, through rocky terrain up to the Matrashaus. In the final third of the tour, you might also encounter patches of snow. Important: If they are icy, these fields of snow might be difficult to cross. The final vertical meters are accomplished with the help of ladders, your efforts rewarded with hearty snacks and incredible views. If you plan on completing the ascent and descent the same day, you should set out early between 4 and 5 AM. We will be happy to prepare a mountaineering breakfast for you the evening before.

Distance: ca. 19.8 km
Elevation gain: ca. 1650 vm
Time: ca. 8:18 hrs

Family hike with pram: the Marmot Path

The name of this family hike says it all. A great opportunity to watch the marmots: small, alert, extraordinarily social Alpine residents. A very special experience for big and small. We suggest driving your car up to the Arthurhaus and parking there. The Marmot Path begins behind the Schweizerhütte to the right, leading along a broad, flat gravel-covered pathway that brings you to the marmot burrows after approximately 1 km. Big info boards along the path will tell you about how the marmots live. You will be able to observe a colony of approximately 20 marmots right there in their natural setting.

Distance: ca. 0.8 km
Elevation gain: ca. 23 vm
Time: ca. 0:15 hrs

More tours?

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