Active summers close to the Grünholz

Trail running, an extraordinary sport

Variety-packed trails. Astonishing alpine panoramas, gravel, meadows and forests in open terrain. The Hochkönig Region was seemingly created for trail runners, current and aspiring. Every year, a number of important trail-running events are held in the Hochkönig region. That includes the Hochkönigmann with four separate divisions, a total length of 198 km and spanning 12,639 vertical meters, as well as the historic Kumpellauf. The latter event commemorates the mining days of old in Mühlbach. Hannes’s grandfather was also a miner and once worked hard deep inside the mines.

If you want to know more about these events, here is the most important information at a glance:

The Hochkönigmann

Mountain runners go head-to-head in races over five different distances. The Marathon Trail also gives runners an opportunity to earn valuable points towards the Austrian Trail Running Championships:

  • Easy Trail – Maria Alm – 9.3 km / 300 vertical meters
  • Speed Trail – Maria Alm – 23.87 km /1441 vertical meters
  • Marathon Trail – Maria Alm and Dienten – 46.94 km / 2751 vertical meters
  • Endurance Trail – Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach – 84.24 km / 4916 vertical meters
  • Skyrace – Maria Alm 30.2 km /2877 vertical meters

The Kumpellauf

Mountain run with a hint of history at the foot of the Hochkönig, definitely with a few challenges up its sleeve:

Revived in 2005: the traditional, historic “Miners’ Run”. It has been held seemingly forever on the Hochkönig and the Schneeberg, passing an array of rustic huts along the way. It is a sporting attraction that draws top athletes from near and far, with a number of challenges up its sleeve: 26 km long, an 800 vertical meter gain and a 1400 vm drop. The course takes runners via the Arthurhaus – 4 huts – Birgkar – Karbachalm – Althaussattel – Pronebenalm – Mühlbach/Knappenheim. Today as in the past, this spectacular and unique mountain run demands that trail runners give it everything they’ve got.


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