Family Holidays in the Hochkönig Region

Our apartment hotel – small yet exquisite. With 11 modern Alpine-style apartments and 5 rooms.

“Mom, dad, see what I can do?!” A holiday at the Grünholz means: Finally having time and being able to see just how talented your kids really are. Everyone able to let out their exuberant energy to their heart’s content. Discovering all kinds of new things and having great fun with your family. Taking a short break to post a snapshot holiday photo for your friends back home, then on to the next adventure.

Mühlbach and the Hochkönig Region offer lots of hits for the kids. “Just what the doctor ordered” for family guests staying in our apartments and rooms. Children, teens, but also young-at-heart adults can look forward to a wide range of opportunities, including over 30 different attractions. And thanks to the Hochkönig Card, many of those attractions are even free of charge, while others offer major discounts. So, curious to know more?

Because having time for one another is one of the most precious aspects of a family holiday, we went ahead and searched for a few authentically memorable experiences you are sure to enjoy. Simply click on the “+” symbol below to read more. Have fun browsing. As for everything else, including geocaching, rafting, archery etc., we will be happy to tell you everything you need to know once you get here.

Hotel Grünholz - Bergdorf der Tiere

Mountain Village of Animals

“It’s totally cool and the marmots are so cute”, say our younger guests whenever they visit the Mountain Village of Animals. While they are there, they have an opportunity to meet, and fall in love with the village’s mascots “Manfred Marmot” and his wife “Fraufred”. The smaller marmots are also lots of fun to watch. The marmot colony lives in the wild, but they are definitely not shy and they have a soft spot for the kids. And be sure to visit the other animals in this mountain village as well: in the petting zoo, at the farms, and roaming free. There is so much to discover. If you dare to, you can even learn to milk a cow by hand and help the farmers turn the milk into delicious cheese.

Toni’s Alpine Meadow Playground

More variety and adventure than you can imagine

Here, children’s pulses are guaranteed to race with excitement. Kids want to be constantly in motion, which is why the climbing tower, slack lines and a game of frisbee are certain to appeal. Add to that the water- and sand playground, where the kids can give free rein to their creativity and splash about to their heart’s content. So: Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes, you will definitely need them.

Tired and likely soaked to the skin, the grill and relaxation area is a great place to recuperate before heading off on a short hike to the Karbachalm. An activity that’s an absolute must. Completely accessible, you can also push a pram out there. Along the way, you will come across lots of fun play equipment and treehouses, accompanied, of course, by a magnificent panorama of the Hochkönig itself. No one will ever want to go home again.

Tip: Thanks to the Hochkönig Card, your family fun is free.

Hotel Grünholz - Almspielplatz
Hotel Grünholz - Spielplatz-Natrun

Prinzenberg Natrun

Sliding and climbing paradise, archery course, wildlife feeding station

Climbing, swimming, jumping, excavating, letting out all of that youthful energy. At the adventure program on the Natrun in Maria Alm, right next to the Grammlergut café, things are guaranteed never to get boring. And while the kids are playing, their parents are able to enjoy the great views from the sunny terrace.

The fresh mountain air at 1163 m above sea level gives young adventurers all the energy they need to slither down the 55 m long stainless-steel slides. They will be able to zoom practically all the way back down to the valley. If that’s still not enough and they have energy to spare: a hiking path runs next to the slides, meaning they can walk back up the hill again and slither back down the slides as often as they like.


At the newly built MTB Flowtrail, mountain bike fans will find trails for beginners, families as well as experienced riders. Dropping a total of 285 vertical meters through variety-packed terrain, the trail takes you from the mountain station of the cabin lift all the way back down to the valley. Of course, your bike will be transported free of charge, guaranteeing pure riding enjoyment.

For a more peaceful alternative, we’d suggest minigolf or the Jufen archery course. Here, it’s all about skill and concentration. Golf clubs and balls as well as scorecards are available at the ticket office for the Natrun lift. The 3D archery course next to the Jufenalm is about a one-hour walk from the mountain station. There, you can playfully put your abilities with a bow and arrow to the test.

We highly recommend taking part in an archery course, it’s lots of fun and brings rapid success. Register in advance by contacting the Pinzgau Archery School at Tel. +43 676 527 9655 or by email: Afterwards, pay a visit to the wildlife feeding enclosure and get to see deer, mouflon sheep, hares and other creatures. For a fascinating glimpse into the lives they live in the wild.

Tip: with the Hochkönig Card, family fun is free.

Exhilarating rides and the Kiddy Bike Park

All kinds of excitement zooming down the Alpine Slide on the Biberg: 62 curves, 345 vertical meters and 3 jumps, 1.6 km in length. Whether fast or slow, the choice is yours: thanks to an easy-to-handle lever, you can adjust your own speed independently. And it isn’t just the Alpine Slide that’s well worth a visit.

Sport Simon Kiddy Bike Park attracts kids with a 120 m-long course featuring various obstacles such as wooden bridges and moguls. Children’s bikes up to 20 inches can be borrowed free of charge, while push bikes and helmets are also available.

Hotel Grünholz - Sommerrodelbahn


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