A piece of Das Grünholz at our Mühlbach farm shop

Homemade things and souvenirs

We established our small but nice Hofladen farm shop in Mühlbach next to our hotel bar. Here you find homemade things from the region and small souvenirs. A beautiful piece of Das Grünholz to take home with you awaits you ranging from delicacies for daily use to charming souvenirs.

What your farmer's market in Mühlbach has to offer

Regional, homemade and fine things cap off the culinary options and indulgence amenities at Das Grünholz perfectly. Our guests cherish the diverse offerings including, aside from souvenirs, the following highlights:
  • Marmalades
  • Herbal oils
  • Schnapps
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Pongau game
  • Wine from the best Austrian winemakers
  • Homemade and seasonal products, such as cheese dumplings, spaetzle, goulash or game ragout
What can we do for you today? Pay a visit to our farm shop – best during your Grünholz holiday you can enquire about here.
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